Democracy is like planting a beautiful garden

For a good life, we believe we need to plant a diverse organic and healthy garden that will feed and preserve life. A healthy and bountiful garden will not grow unless it is seeded, rotated, cared for, designed sustainable, planted in fertile soil, and regularly nourished with clean water, and unpolluted air. When care and work come together it will grow, blossom, and sustain our lives and the lives of our children to come.

How is this done? by voting. By Democracy. By only voting for those of integrity and compassion for all people. By only selecting those who also want a fertile green garden that will feed and protect all their community. Just not a select few.

We believe that seeding greatness means doing all that is necessary to grow a sustainable garden for today and for tomorrow.

During World War II there was a food shortage in America and Europe. Communities seeded and planted Community Gardens.

Steven Monahan is the founder and the Executive Director.

Steven is a former fortune 100 executive and TEDx licensee and organizer. He is a humanitarian and CEO of Seeding Greatness. You can visit Steven Monahan’s website at Steven

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Seeding Greatness

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