Give a man a meal, or teach him to seed a garden to nourish himself and the world

Steven Monahan

Democracy is like planting a beautiful garden

It does not happen by itself. And it takes constant care.

For a good life, we need to plant a diverse organic and healthy garden that will feed and preserve life. A healthy and bountiful garden will not grow to its full potential however unless it is seeded, rotated, cared for, designed sustainable, planted in fertile soil, and regularly nourished with clean water, and unpolluted air. And when that care and work come together it will grow, blossom, and sustain our lives and the lives of our children to come.

How is this done? It starts by having leaders that care and want only the best for all. And that starts with you. And that starts with you voting. Democracy must be seeded every day. Voting for the sake of voting is not good enough, however. You have to vote for leaders with integrity and compassion for all people. By only selecting those who also want a fertile green garden that will feed and protect all their community. Just not a select few.

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Steven Monahan CEO founder.

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