Some people change their ways when they see the light; others only when they feel the heat 

Hi, I’m Steven Monahan a prior fortune 100 executive, Executive Director, and founder of the Seeding Greatness and GPA Foundations. For the past two years, I have also been a TEDx licensee and creator of TEDx Dupree Park. TED events are uplifting gatherings of people sharing and seeding their ideas of greatness with the world.

Every day I feel joy and awe for life. We live in a truly wonderful world. While we are living through some trying times right now we are still truly blessed and fortunate. They say life is a journey. And it has certainly been an amazing one for me. I have risen to the heights and walked through the depths of the valley of death. Each struggle brought with it a new awakening. A higher rising, becoming more in love with the magnificence of life.

Each of our special and unique lives is a work in progress. There is both light and dark in each of us. But with a desire to live a good life, service to others curiosity for life, we can rise above the dark, into the light becoming more, awakened, compassionate, and loving every day.

Possess a curiousity, openess and reverence to life and you will open a portal to a world of wonder & awe.

Seeding Greatness

Our Seeding Greatness Foundation is a group of non-profit entities focused on creating a better world. Our passion and focus are the betterment of our planet’s ecosystem and non-violence against our planets animals. We bring a voice for the voiceless.